Flydubai Is The Latest Airline To Add Flights To Al Ula

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Al Ula is a city that is a part of the Medina region located in the northeastern part of Saudi Arabia. The city is under the Governorate of Ula and is spread over 29,261 square kilometres. The whole population of Al Ula city is approximately 5,426. 

In ancient times it was the capital of Lihyanites and the first UNESCO world heritage Hegra is also situated in the northern part of the city, built by Nabataeans. The most unique and attractive thing about the city is that all the houses are made from stone and mud-brick. 

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Many people from around the world try to visit the city but due to lack of a number of flights available, people cannot visit the city. Seeing this scarcity, Flydubai has introduced flight for the first time from Dubai so that people can visit the place to enjoy the ancient beauty. 

About Flydubai

Dubai is one the most famous tourist destinations in the world and that is why several flight companies operate on this route from different corners of the world and Flydubai is one among them. The company first started its journey in the year 2009 and from 2009 to 2013, the company made quite an impact in the aviation industry. The airline covers almost 58 destinations in the world including Europe, the Middle East, Russia and many more. 

Everyone loves to travel by air and the company has 29 brand new Boeing 737-800 NG in their full fleet. These planes are quite comfortable, less noisy and environment friendly as well. Each flight consists of 189 seats and till 2010 it flew over a million passengers. 

Flydubai always provides good safety and luxurious features to every customer like spacious cabins, delectable beverages and foods, ample legroom, huge screens so that passengers can watch their favourite movies and shows on their trip also.

Not only for these things but Flydubai became quite famous because they give these luxurious facilities and top-notch safety at a very low and reasonable price than the rest of the others in the market. They are quite famous also because of their excellent hospitality services and trained crew members to their passengers. These things make Flydubai an extremely famous airline company in the world. 

About The All-New Destination That They Have Introduced

Flydubai is a Dubai-based airline company that announced flight for the first time to Al Ula in Saudi Arabia and thus they become the first company to do so. The company also announced that it will resume its operation in Yanbu as well because of its growth in the network in the domain and to six other points also like Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh and Medina. 

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The company will start this route by giving two flights each week from Dubai International (DXB) to Al Ula’s Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Airport (ULH). The route will start from 2nd March 2022. 

The city is located on the ‘Incense Road’ which is considered as the route for trading luxury items and spices between the Mediterranean and South Asia. The city of Al Ula is often considered as one of the unseen beauties of the whole world. The first UNESCO world heritage site Hegra was also constructed in the year 2020 and now people can visit that place after this announcement from Flydubai. 

“This route will be popular for our passengers from the UAE, as well as for the travellers from GCC, Russia and Central Asia”, this was said by the SVP of commercial operations of Flydubai, Mr Sudhir Sreedharan. 

Mr Sudhir Sreedharan, the senior vice president of the company also stated that “We are looking forward to the start of our twice-weekly service to Al Ula from March. Al Ula offers passengers great options for seeking immersive cultural and historical experiences as well as outdoor adventure activities, especially in the cooler winter season”. 

Due to this pandemic, Flydubai has also tried to change the entire travelling experience of each of their passengers so that they can travel in the air in a safer and more comfortable way. The company tried to minimise the contact between passengers and the crew members to give utmost safety and confidence to the passengers on every step of the entire journey. While booking flight tickets from the official website, every passenger will also receive a global cover related to Covid 19 costs to give extra peace of mind while travelling. 

Passengers also should be quite aware of the new regulations and norms are given by the IATA Travel Centre and IATA destination tracker and the passengers have to obey all the rules throughout the entire journey. For any further updates or information, the passengers can also visit the Covid 19 hub on the official website to know in a more detailed and better way.

The Complementary Offer To Every Passenger 

Passengers who are booking flydubai flight tickets to Dubai from anywhere in the world will get a 1-day pass to the Expo 2020 Dubai as a complimentary gift till the end of the event date is 31st March 2022. This offer is valid for the passengers who are booking from January 2022 onwards only till the last date of the event.

The flight from Dubai to Al Ula will start from Terminal 2 of the Dubai International (DXB) to ULH from 2nd March 2022 only on Saturdays and Wednesdays initially. As they are also resuming the services to Yanbu as well, this service will also start from 24th February 2022 only on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

So this is brief information about the new route from Dubai to Al Ula that is introduced by the Flydubai airlines company. This is a very good initiative by the company because Al Ula is an extremely rich and beautiful ancient city that people should experience and enjoy. This initiative should have been taken a long time ago but no one ever tried to do that. Flydubai is the first company to do so.

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