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Lima is a wonderful city to visit and might be a great place to go on a trip. Lima is a city that will surprise you and make you want to return once your trip is done, thanks to its wonderful food, Pisco sour, beautiful sunsets, and urban art scene.

In the same manner that this city stands between the Pacific Ocean and a cluster of lovely communities in the Andes foothills, sophisticated Lima sets its high rises between graceful colonial buildings and pre-Colombian temples.

Lima is a massive city with a 1535AD city center and ever-expanding contemporary islands. Every day, visitors from all over the world come to Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima to begin their vacations and business visits. When traveling to Lima, you won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay. Lima hotels are easy to find on your trip to the city.

There is an abundance of hotels from different categories, including a great variety of luxury and high-end hotels that will make your visit a memorable and restful one as well. Lima is a tourist-friendly city with several attractions. You won’t want to leave! Lima is a well-known and bustling city in Peru.


1. The Colonial Center’s Stunning Architecture

Lima’s historic center is breathtaking. The UNESCO-listed downtown district features treasures such as the Archbishop’s Palace, the Cathedral of Lima’s twin towers, and countless mansions such as the Riva Agüero home or the Casa de Aliaga, all built during Spain’s colonial reign.

2. Nightlife festivities with Live Music

Lima’s people are a soulful bunch, as criollo, the city’s local musical creation demonstrates. Criollo is a mix of Andean, African, and European music that may make you dance or cry, and it’s performed often at places like La Oficina and Ekeko Bar.

3. Mesmerising Ocean Views

If you’re visiting Lima, this one will be a sight-seeing treat. The whole city is full of colorful flowers, stunning sculptures, and tiled waves – when you see a beautiful view of the ocean in the background, your jaw is dropped.

You may wander along El Malecón, a 6-mile-long promenade situated on a headland, where you’ll witness runners and people exercising in the grass during your spare time in Lima. The lake appears even more spectacular when the green grass contrasts with the lofty skyscrapers, coconut palms, and grey cliffs.

4. Amazing Cuisine: Ceviche & More

This Peruvian dish is famous all over the world. In ceviche, there are cubes of raw fish, onion, cilantro, and a bunch of spices. Some say that Lima is the best place to have Ceviche as the city is close to the ocean, and the fish are always fresh. 

In case you are not into Ceviche, one of the unique things about Lima is its sandwich culture. If you’re someone who likes to try different cultural food, Lima is the place for you. Different kinds of bars, tuc shops, restaurants, and local food shops offer a good selection of sandwiches you can try. 

5. Great Weather

One great thing about the city is that it offers a stable climate year-round. Even within the winter months (June – September), with August actually being the coldest month at 21 degrees Celsius, it is still great for exploring the city.

6. Limeños, and their incredible hospitality. #keepitlocal

One other thing that makes the visit to this city so great is its local people, also known as Limeños.

Just a few minutes walk from La Lucha, you should stop by Parque Kennedy and start hanging out with the locals as they are eager to get into conversations. Parque Kennedy is a local park in Lima where most local artists and street performers hang out and is another great spot to meet up and have a chat or two.

Final thoughts on the picturesque city of Lima

Everything you see feels like a piece of art. The buildings give a look at history and culture. Not only the inside but the outside is also picture perfect. In short, the whole city is absolutely picturesque and is definitely a great place to explore and discover.

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