6 Hacks to Help You Pack Light on Your Next Trip

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Although traveling is an overall enjoyable experience in and of itself, packing for travel can be quite stressful. Chances are, packing might be the thing you dread most when it comes to travel, even more so than going through security checks and finding your gate at the opposite end of the airport. Clearly, packing is a big part of travel and is usually the most despised.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Packing light is an easy way to make your travel experience that much more enjoyable, but the question is, how do you pack light? Today, we’re here to offer you six hacks to help you pack lighter on your next trip.

From men’s travel pants to compression bags and everything in between, by the end of this article, you’ll know all the necessities you’ll need to bring and what can be left at home. 

1. Make a List 

For this first step, take out your paper notepad or the notes app on your phone, because writing down a physical list is one of the best things you can do to help you pack light. When you make a list, focus your efforts on only writing down the necessities. These things might include clothes, undergarments, toiletries, necessary medicines, money, and travel documents, among other things. When it comes time to actually pack your suitcase, refer to your list and only bring what you wrote down, no matter how tempted you may be to bring extra items just in case. 

2. Wear the Right Travel Clothes 

This next hack is all about the clothes you wear during travel. Wearing versatile travel clothes can help you pack much lighter. The best travel clothes are the kind you can wear in other situations, too. Paskho is a great brand for versatile, comfortable travel clothes. They offer a wide variety of men’s travel pants, all of which can be worn during travel and in other contexts as well. Have you ever heard of men’s travel pants that are designed to be worn during flights but look like they can be worn to a business meeting? If not, then head over to the Paskho online shop to see them for yourself. Investing in high-quality men’s travel pants and their other travel items will help you pack lighter because you can wear the same items multiple times on a single trip.  

3. Bring Neutral Clothes 

Not only do you have to think of the functionality of the clothes you pack for your trip, but you also need to keep the color in mind as well. Sticking to neutral colors only will allow you to get the most out of the limited items you bring. Black, brown, white, tan, gray, navy, and some shades of green are the best colors to bring. Paskho men’s travel pants have many neutral color options, so they are perfect for traveling light. 

4. Use Compression Bags for Jackets 

This hack is more about using your space wisely and not packing light, but it’s helpful for travel nonetheless. If you are going somewhere where you’ll need to wear a heavy jacket, make sure you pack them using compression bags. By vacuum-sealing your heavy winterwear in compression bags, you can reduce the space they take up substantially, allowing you to pack smarter. No more worrying about your one puffer jacket tacking up half your suitcase. 

5. Bring a Kindle 

This hack is for all the book lovers out there. While reading is definitely a great pastime, books can be quite hefty and add a lot of extra weight to your baggage. If you want to read on your trip, we recommend bringing a Kindle instead of a traditional paper book. Kindles were designed to take up the least amount of space possible while still giving you a seamless reading experience. By opting for a Kindle instead of physical books, your bags will be so much lighter.  

6. Wear Your Biggest Shoes 

Shoes are a pain to pack, but thankfully, you get to wear a pair while you’re traveling. Instead of shoving a chunky pair of sneakers into your suitcase, we recommend wearing your biggest pair of shoes while you’re traveling, whether that’s on your flight or train or whatever other type of transportation you might be taking. This will help save a lot of space in your bag as well as keep your luggage lightweight.  

Bonus Tip: Consider Luggage Storage

When it comes to traveling, sometimes the timing just isn’t right. Just think about it for a moment; in most hotels, the checkout is around 10 am. A lot of people will try to have their flight or plane go somewhere in the evening so they can have a few extra hours in the city.  Plus, not every hotel is going to be so willing to hold your luggage. 

But one great thing you can do is consider Termini luggage storage. Regardless of how light you pack, carrying luggage with you is going to be inconvenient, and some attractions won’t allow for luggage either (not even a backpack), so this is the perfect solution. 


In summary, here are the six hacks to help you pack light on your next trip: 

Make a listWear the right travel clothesBring neutral clothesUse compression bags for jackets Bring a kindle Wear your biggest shoes

By following these hacks, you’ll have a much smoother experience while packing, and you won’t have to carry around overweight bags with you everywhere you go. Remember: when in doubt, refer to your packing list. 

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