Marijuana Tourism 101

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Over 200 million people currently smoke medical marijuana to relieve pain and discomfort without having to cope with the major side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Today, with the increased legalization of recreational use, a new trend has appeared. A trend that can lead you across the country, or the world, on an adventure of a lifetime.

Marijuana tourism has become a popular reason for people to travel across the states, and countries, tasting the local marijuana flavors as they go. Every area has there own specialized crops, giving a different high every time you light up. Every bud will have a different flavor and aroma.

Marijuana Tourism And Safety

You may have forgotten, or not even realized, that not all locations have legalized cannabis products for recreational consumption. While others, even though it is legal to use if you are a citizen of the country, there are no clear laws on whether it is legal for a traveler to use.

Most locations will not bother you as a tourist because it brings big money to their countries, but it only takes one time to get yourself into some serious hot water. Before moving on, let’s go over some of the best destinations for you to plan on visiting during your cannabis tour.

Amsterdam, NetherlandsBarcelona, SpainBoston, MassachusettsDenver, ColoradoLos Angalas, CaliforniaFairbanks, AlaskaLas Vegas, NevadaNegril, JamaicaVancouver, CanadaMissoula, Montana

These areas on the map are some of the best locations to visit during a cannabis tour, and they allow travelers from all over the world to partake in medical or recreational use. You can also have some in your possession without any legal issues, as long as you are not hauling around more than an ounce or so at once.

A common issue travelers run into is when they try to carry their stash over borders into an area where it is not legal to have it. Do not simply assume that the marijuana tourism rules in Massachusetts will be the same as for any of the surrounding states. Some of these locations will not only take your cannabis from you, but give you a ticket. They may even throw you into a jail cell if you have a substantial amount.

Marijuana Tourism Safety Steps To Take

Before you hit the road, or the skies, take the time to do a little research. This is especially important if you want to carry pipes, bongs, or cannabis products. It may be perfectly fine to do so if you are traveling around your own state, but there are still many laws on the books that can come around to bite you in the rear.

If you have too much when crossing state lines in the US, the state that pulls you over can charge with “intent to sell,” which could end up being a federal crime. All this without even realizing that you were doing anything wrong because, in your state, it was legal. You do not want this scenario to be why your vacation must end early.

Plan your route to go around locations that do not have legal recreational use on the books. If that is not possible, do not carry drugs across the borders. Taking your pipes with you may also get you into trouble, but that choice is left up to you. You can always get some local marijuana to smoke when you get to your destination, and cheap glass pipes can be bought as you go.


Marijuana tourism 101 begins with safety and knowledge. It is a fabulous way to spend a vacation, and more and more people are opting to do just that. All you need to remember is that not all locations will understand the appeal of what you are doing, so play it safe and follow the one golden rule of cannabis tourism. 

Travel without your stash and your favorite pipe, and always follow the laws of the land.

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