Top 5 Things to Experience in Australia’s Northern Territory

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The Northern Territory is not where most international travellers choose to fly into. However, when thinking about the kinds of experiences you want to have in Australia, if they include seeing the Australian outback, rugged bushland and some of Australia’s oldest known history then this is the place to go.

Northern Territory’s National Parks

Kakadu National Park is your cultural gateway for the Northern Territory. The traditional owners of the land, Bininj Mungguy have lived there for tens of thousands of years. Kakadu is world heritage listed, in honour of one of the world’s oldest living societies. The park is exceptionally beautiful and has a unique biodiversity as well as Aboriginal rock art sites. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is home to Australia’s iconic landmark Uluru and 32 weathered rock domes called Kata Tjuta. Uluru is best viewed at sunrise or sunset.

Road Tripping the Northern Territory

Driving in the Northern Territory is unlike any other terrain. The Northern Territory includes some of Australia’s most exciting routes to drive, so get a car, campervan or four-wheel drive and explore everything the Northern Territory has to offer by road. Driving in the Northern Territory is all about diversity. Visit the red desert sands of Uluru, take a break at tropical Kakadu National Park and then head beyond to the spectacularly clear blue waters of Darwin Harbour. Road tripping the Northern Territory is the best way to view all the stunning sites on offer, however as this is vast country you will need to plan ahead as it can be hundreds of kilometres between petrol stops and water.

Take a Ride on the Ghan

If road tripping by car isn’t your thing, then take a ride on the Ghan to experience the spectacular landscape before you. The Ghan is legendary in Australia and it’s on just about every Aussie’s bucket list when it comes to exploring their own country. Visit some of the Northern Territory’s most iconic and beautiful destinations along your trip. The Ghan is named after the Afghan pioneers who journeyed the same route by camel. The journey is almost 3000kms long, travelling through the centre of Australia.

Take a Dip in a Waterhole

Perhaps the ultimate way to explore, experience and relax in the Northern Territory is by taking a dip in a waterhole. With the Northern Territory’s high temperatures you’ll want to stick by the water as much as possible. There are 5 patrolled beaches for dry-season swimming in the Northern Territory’s top end. If you’re down south, then swim by Katherine’s sandstone gorges at Nitmiluk National Park after a scenic bushwalk or take a dip in Alice Springs. Always do your research in the Northern Territory before taking a dip. Crocodiles and jellyfish abound. Keep it safe by obeying the warning signs and stick to the dry season for beach swimming.

Experience Luxury in the Northern Territory

If your idea of the Northern Territory is simply hot, sweaty desert days, tramping through bushland then you’d be wrong. The Northern Territory also offers some of Australia’s most luxurious accommodation. Experience deluxe eco-camping atop sand dunes on the border of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Watch the sunset from Longitude 131?from your luxury pavilion. If you’d prefer an ocean view, visit Groote Eylandt Lodge in the Gulf of Carpentaria, renowned for its spectacular natural and marine environment.

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