The Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Adventure

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An outdoor adventure can be the greatest experience of your life. But to truly enjoy them and be safe during your trip you need the right gear. If you are not sure what you will need, you can always find here various gadgets and tools.

Horseback riding

This is a sport that offers you great benefits for both your body and mind. If you think that riding means sitting comfortably in the saddle you are wrong. This sport helps you develop coordination; it is good for your back and posture, and you will burn about 300 calories per hour of riding. Horse riding is an activity that allows you to learn how to have a sense of responsibility towards others and also to relate to those who are different from you. It gives you a unique experience and a priceless taste of freedom.

Horse riding, Argentina

Become part of the Patagonian gaucho culture: show yourself how to deal with the horses and watch how the cattle and sheep are brought together at the traditional estancia (ranch). Take a one-hour, leisurely ride with a guide through the mountain landscapes to Argentino Lake.

Walking, trekking and hiking

If you love nature and outdoor life, hiking is the ideal activity for you. You will burn calories (up to 860 kcal per hour, if going uphill at a high intensity) all while enjoying the beauty of a landscape. Walking is a sport suitable for everyone. If you are not trained, start gradually, especially because you have to become familiar with the territory.

Dune hike, Namibia

Dive into dream-like worlds on your adventure holiday as you stroll across the dunes of the vast Namib Desert. If you have mastered the half-day hike through this barren country, despite the sparkling desert sun, a feeling of success will flare up in you. You can give free rein to your thirst for adventure – whether you move on the flat sandy surfaces or run up the dunes and slide down! Even in this hostile emptiness, there is life to be found, and nature lovers can prepare themselves for extraordinary forms of life!

Hiking in Patagonia, Argentina

Whether you choose a small-group hike or your private adventure, you will love Patagonia. When you look at the picturesque landscapes that melt into the sky, you will feel like you are in an oil painting. Travellers of all ages are welcome, and the guided hikes vary in length and level of difficulty depending on your fitness level.

Rock climbing

Climbing develops strength and endurance, increases agility, and develops concentration. It is an activity not recommended for those who suffer from joint problems or those who are heavily overweight because the fatigue would be excessive. But, the goal of climbing, that of reaching the top, is also a goal of exceeding one’s limits. This activity can also be done indoors, but obviously, it offers you the greatest benefits when you do it outdoors, possibly under the guidance of a professional instructor.

Volcano Climb, Indonesia

Have you ever looked into a volcano? Hike up to the crater rim of a sleeping volcano and watch the rainforest gradually transform into a landscape of volcanic sand, on Mount Bromo in Indonesia. Start your trek at midnight to see the change of landscape even more intensely.


We left this activity last because although it is the easiest and most pleasant way to experience the thrill of flying, it is certainly an exciting experience and intended only for the bravest. To start, it is preferable to try the experience of tandem paragliding with a tandem flight, with an instructor. This activity will strengthen all the central muscles of the body, causing you to burn energy due to a large amount of adrenaline rush during the flight.

Victoria Falls helicopter tour, Zambia / Zimbabwe

A sightseeing flight over the roaring Victoria Falls is a thrill for everyone, regardless of their age – provided, of course, you can make it into the helicopter! The perspective from above of this fabulous natural wonder is a moving experience. The enormous dimensions of the waterfalls will make you realize the size of the world!

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