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Today we’re introducing an app that promises to get your phone’s storage space back, and allows you to shoot more and share faster!

There is nothing more annoying than reaching for your phone in the hopes of capturing that perfect moment only to see that your phone has run out of storage AGAIN. If you’re a happy snapper like I am and just as obsessed with taking snaps of your dog or your adorable baby nephew, you will know this problem all too well. Granted I could delete some of the hundred photos I have of my dog (in the exact same position) no one should ever be forced to make such difficult decisions.

Cloud options are great but not always practical as we often end up spending so much extra cash on them. And ultimately we just want our photos and videos to be easily accessible (and on our phones) without having to go through a cloud service (and waste precious data) first.

Storage space is an issue for everyone. Especially users limited to 16gb without external storage options (we’re looking at you APPLE), Android users have a bit more freedom with external storage options but we all know the more space you have the quicker it seems to disappear and there’s always been a need for a solution to storage problems in the age of the smart phone.

All too familiar 🙁

The Solution: Crunch

Crunch Gallery and its counterpart Crunch Cam are available on both Android and iOS and provide you with a way of solving all your storage problems. Crunch reduces the size of your photos by up to 80% and videos by 50% without jeopardising the visible quality of your media in any way. When you first open the app it also gives you the option of automatically backing up your photos to the Cloud for you in case you should need it. By using the Crunch Cam app you can take high definition photos and videos and it will automatically optimise the use of space as with Crunch Gallery.

Analysing storage

Estimated 6GB of Savings!

What I Love:

My favourite thing about it has to be that, because of the reduced size of the images, it allows you to share photos and videos much faster on social media and also means that you can upload longer videos and #savemydata. Which is PERFECT for bloggers like me and everyone who loves sharing daily moments.

You also have the option to automatically crunch all the photos in your gallery as well as any new ones. The benefits are pretty straightforward with this one because, honestly, who doesn’t need more space on their phone? It makes me so happy that I can continue snapping without worrying about when I’m going to have to clear out my gallery again.

Select image to be Crunched

1.9mb savings off a single image!


Both Crunch Cam and Crunch Gallery are available for free for Android and iOS for up to 1GB of savings. The bonus is that every time you share CrunchCam or CrunchGallery on your own Twitter or Facebook you get an extra 250MB!

However if you prefer not to share, then for just $4.99 you can unlock the premium benefits and enjoy unlimited savings.

Get all the stats

Select a video

Enjoy 28 mb savings on a single clip!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Crunch. The opinions and text are all mine.

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