International festival in polar Russia has torn all prejudices apart.

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The first festival which has taken place in polar Russia has broken all common concepts about events.

Everyone can do SUP in Hawaii, but what about doing it in the polar part of Russia?

The main reason for that is because the festival has successfully combined what is hard to imagine together – sports and arts. The organizers of the event appear to be as different as the angles of the festival and include such giant as Nornickel, nickel and palladium mining and smelting company together with the support of Russian Yachting Federation and Zhivaya Classica Foundation. The latter organization is promoting literature and arts into masses nationally and internationally. In other words, the organizers are quite ambitious and deserve a round of applause for uniting the efforts in order to produce this unusual festival.

The name of the event in Russian dictates its rhythm and means ‘hold the balance’ (‘Derzhi Balans’). As a result, the balance has been held throughout all 3 days of the festival – from 17th till 19th of August, 2018 and left the long-lasting memories to the guests for the future. Organizers have done an outstanding work this year and showed their ability to accommodate 6000 guests and organize 80 events in three locations.

Hard choice

When you’re surrounded by many appeals, it’s hard to choose. The main challenge was to differentiate the locations and include as many interactive, sports, educational and recreational events as possible. Many guests had difficulties with picking the events and activities, though, because the choice was so good and rich.

The program featured educational workshops with the famous artists and Olympic medalists. There were also many sports events, such as SUP competitions, relay race, running races and more. If this was not enough for the guests, they continued all or at least half night long dancing. The concerts, different music styles and film festival have glazed this big event and lifted its experience to heavens.

Innovative rewards

It’s also worth mentioning that the organizers showed their creativity in everything, including the rewards for the winners of the competitions. They invented their own “currency” which was awarded instead of medals which could be used during the festival for the exchange of souvenirs.

Russian nature

Apart from the festival itself, the guests had a chance to visit a famous nature resort which combines tundra and north flora and fauna, explore endless valleys and wild rivers. The location of the festival was pretty convenient in terms of getting there and close to Norway. So, if you don’t have any plans for the August next year, exploring Russia from such an interactive perspective might be a great idea.

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