4 Cities Around The World Sports Fans Should Visit At Least Once

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Travelling and sports are two of life’s greatest commodities. The joy you get out of experiencing each one of those activities is close to unmatched. Now, when you mix both of them, planning out a sports-driven trip to see some of the great sporting meccas in the world, it automatically raises the bar on what an amazing trip can come to be. If you look around sports betting news sites from all over, you’ll see certain cities are always mentioned because of their thrilling sports-related action, but which ones are truly worth paying a visit to?

Here we bring you our top picks for four of the best destinations that all sports fans should put on their bucket list of vacation dreamlands when it comes to fulfilling their sporting wants.

New York City, USA

When it comes to sports and entertainment capitals in the world, is there any other place as important and so sports-centered as New York? On the one hand, if you’re an NFL fan you have the Jets and Giants, as well as the Buffalo Bills upstate. If you’re more into basketball, then paying a visit to the world’s most important arena, Madison Square Garden to catch a Knicks game is a definite must, even if the team has seen better days. If you’re about getting the chance to maybe catch celebs like Jay Z at a game, then a visit to Barclay’s Arena for a Brooklyn Nets game should be high up on your list. If that still doesn’t float your boat, then catching a hockey game, an MLS match, or any other top-caliber pro sporting event can all be done in NYC.

New York’s thrilling and over-the-top sports scene offers all fans everything they could ask for. From historic venues where great sports feats have occurred like Yankee Stadium or Arthur Ashe Stadium to just the general vibe that the city’s buzzing sports scene and its passionate fans make the experience worth the trip over and over again.

Athens, Greece

If you’re more into the history of sports and feeling the true essence of where the spirit of sports comes from, then visiting the capital of Greece, Athens, should be a must. Considered by many as the birthplace of not just competitive sports, but many cultural ramifications, architectural marvels, and all-around wonders that welcomes visitors to dive right into its rich and impressive history, Athens, Greece is a perfect place for sports fans as well as culture fans to visit and fall in love with history.

Given that Athens is the birthplace of the most important sporting spectacle in the world, the Olympic Games, paying a visit to the beautiful Panathenaic Stadium, which is considered the true starting place of the Olympics cannot be missed. The mix of sporting history, as well as architectural bliss, makes this place, as well as the rest of the city of Athens a must-visit destination at least once in a lifetime.

London, England

One could easily argue that what New York City is to American sports fans, London is to British and all-around European sporting fans. Many of the world’s most important sporting cathedrals call London home, including the iconic Wembley Stadium and the All England Lawn Tennis Clubs to name a couple. 

When you visit London, you not only get a feel like you’re stepping into general history but when you see it through the eyes of a sporting fan, being able to visit soccer stadiums where some of the best players in the world have played at, as well as the home of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, considered by many as the most important and prestigious tennis competition in the world, a trip to England’s capital, can be filled with so many exciting opportunities to be wondered over and over again, that going once might not do the place justice.

Los Angeles, California

On the east coast, sports fans have New York, Boston, and Philadelphia as their main sporting meccas. If you go up north Chicago is reigning over every other city. Down south there’s Miami, Houston, and Dallas. But when you get to the west coast, the city of angles takes over any claim to being the most important sporting mecca around. Los Angeles, known for being the epicenter of everything regarding entertainment, is also one of the most explosive and exciting sports-ridden destinations in the world.

Taking into account that this is a city that hosts teams like the Lakers and Clippers in the NBA in the historic Staples Center, two of the most polarizing and popular teams in the NBA, the Dodgers, which are right up there in the ranks of professional baseball’s royalty, as well as the Angels, the Rams and Chargers, two of the most exciting football teams in the NFL and many other organizations, sports fans can get their sporting fix on any time of the year. The city of LA has the perfect mix of sporting history and actuality, making it one of the most happening sports-related places to be around and a place worth visiting.

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